Problems We Solved
High technical threshold for developers due to complicated underlayer technology.
Cross-chain transaction of cryptoassets is hard to realized on different blockchains.
Financial contracts are difficult to construct due to complex products rules.
Lack of reliable oracles to achieve on-chain and off-chain data communication.
Lack of safe, reliable, high-performance blockchain financial service open platform.
Technical feature of The Force Protocol
Smart Contract platform
Easily build, freely customize
BAAS Platform
Assistance of the development thanks to the modular architecture
Offline broker, online transaction
Lower cost, safe and reliable
Regulatory Docking
Leading PFMI architecture in the industry
Shared trading book
Global needs, free liquidation
The accessible verification due to the transparency of the pledge on the chain
Road Map
2018 Q2~Q4 Project Kick Off; White Paper Draft; Official Website Release; BiBi Dai, a Centralized P2P Loan Product Release.
2019 Q1~Q2 The Project Token FOR Open for Trading; Pawn, a P2P Lending DApp based on Ethereum Release.
2019 Q3~Q4 Bank Loan Function launched in Pawn; QIAN, a Decentralized Stable Coin Release Supporting Ethereum and RSK Network.
2020 Q1~Q2 ForTube, a Crypto-open Financial Service Platform Release Integrating Crypto Bonds, Loans, Stablecoins and Other Services.
2020 Q3~Q4 Open DeFi Application Security Protocol Components; Cooperate with Other Public Chain Like Binance Chain, Polkadot, etc.
2021 Launch Pilot Business of Crypto Bonds for Real Enterprises; Establish QIAN Stablecoin Open Technology Alliance.
Technical Cooperation
Strategic Cooperation