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Problems We Solved
High technical threshold for developers due to complicated underlayer technology.
Cross-chain transaction of cryptoassets is hard to realized on different blockchains.
Financial contracts are difficult to construct due to complex products rules.
Lack of reliable oracles to achieve on-chain and off-chain data communication.
Lack of safe, reliable, high-performance blockchain financial service open platform.
Technical feature of The Force Protocol
Smart Contract platform
Easily build, freely customize
BAAS Platform
Assistance of the development thanks to the modular architecture
Offline broker, online transaction
Lower cost, safe and reliable
Regulatory Docking
Leading PFMI architecture in the industry
Shared trading book
Global needs, free liquidation
The accessible verification due to the transparency of the pledge on the chain
Our Team
Allen An
The Force Group Co-founder&CEO
Former Regional Manager of Enactus China, Managing Director of Qianshenghui Capital,Partner of Zonff Capital, Partner of AlphaCoin Fund, focusing on Internet Finance,blockchain research and investment.
Lei Yu
The Force Protocol Co-founder&CEO
Master of Tsinghua University, early bitcoin miner in 2011, deeply studied in blockchain technology and crypto-economy since 2016. Familiar with data structures, proficient in cryptography, security protocols and encryption algorithms, and have in-depth research of financial systems.
Yu Hongxue
The Force Protocol Co-founder&CTO
Master of BUAA, former core development member of Sogou Big Data Platform. In-depth research on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS source code. Contributingcode and submitting security vulnerability patches for multiple open source projects.
Xu Chao
The Force Protocol Co-founder&COO
Master of Harbin Engineering University. Former cloud computing architect of ZTE and head of domestic SaaS cloud service innovation project. Blockchain technology enthusiast and early community participant, such as NEO and EOS.
Zhang Linbo
Chief Scientist
PhD of Chinese Academy of Sciences, senior network architect. Ever worked in Scientific Research Institute and managed over tens of national senior level projects. In-depth study of underlying code of most famous blockchain.
Ma Zhe
Head Of The Force Partners
Bachelor degree of Science and Economics from Shandong University. He has worked for CITIC Securities, Internet Finance Industry Association, focusing on research and investment in Internet finance and blockchain industries, and early members of Bitcoin Talk.
Head Of The Force Mining
Zhen Chain Technology Partner, The Force Partner’s partner, Early Bitcoin miner. From 2017, Kenny has participated in the investment and community more than 10 projects, including Rsk, Celer and Xdag. The Force Mining is located in Guizhou,Yunnan, Xinjiang and Middle East. It is the largest Bitcoin mining complex in China.
Liu Gang
Head Of BiBiDai
Product leader of The Force Protocol, used to be the product director of several P2P lending and consumer finance companies. Rich experience in product design, growth hacking and financial risk management.
Xu Yuexin
Head of FOR Labs
The Force Protocol Marketing Director, former co-founder of LeekBox, hundred thousand cap articles were released by her. Knowledgeable of Marketing and experienced many successful cases. She has excellent incubation for multiple blockchain projects.
Wang Guijie
Head Of The Force Exchange
Founder of Thinkbit Pro Exchange, former Momo Senior Video Engineer, Master degree of Science from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, early involvement in bitcoin/Ethernet mining, EOS early investors, deep focusing on blockchain technology Research.
Andrew Yi
Chairman of Fin-AI company, Former executive dean of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Research Institute, the first best analyst in China's securities industry, and Chinese financial technology person of the year.
Frozen Xie
Blockchain and DApp developer, core developer of XDAG project, Co-founder of Consensus Approach Ltd., founder of TeamTaoist Studio. Former technical staff and project manager of Lucent Technologies Bell Labs. Expert in IBM DB2. Senior software engineer in iOS/Android.
Tian Hongfei
Master of MIT. Partner of Shenzhen Songhe Yuanwang Capital Management Co., Ltd.. Rich experience in cybersecurity, high-tech industries and investment banks in Silicon Valley, Germany, or China.
Road Map
2018 Q2~Q3 Project launch, white paper design, official website online
2018 Q4 Smart contract and trading system of loan develop, the BiBiDai V1.0 online
2019 Q1~Q2 Distributed cyptofinance protocols design, whitepaper update
2019 Q3~Q4 Release distributed cyptofinance protocols on Ethereum, the BiBiDai V2.0 online
2020 Q1~Q2 The Force Protocol stablecoin platform online, The Force Protocol Chain development launch
2020 Q3~Q4 The Force Protocol Chain online, release distributed cyptofinance platform based on The Force Protocol Chain V1.0
Strategic Partners